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Thursday, December 6, 2007

U.P.M.S. Emerald Full and Emerald LV

Well folks here it is, UPMSInstaller (Emerald) with Ultimate Loader 2.2.0.

We are releasing 2 versions, Full and Limited.
Download Here:
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Please note:
You only need to copy over to your memory stick 150 EBOOT and 371 EBOOT, the installer takes care of the UPDATE EBOOT.

Full Version:
Removed all Sony prx's and bin files from CSO.
Added latest battery code from Cory, now works for fat and slim psp's
Added automatic battery eeprom backup when you enter the battery menu.
When installing you can now see what is being installed and to what folder.
Both 371 - 150KernelAddon and 371Update3 are installed to the GAME folder no more corrupt icons (thanks to 1 of our members)
Jas0nUK's elf menu is installed directly.
Cory's NandTool is installed direct to the elf folder
NandManager is installed direct to the elf folder

Limited Version:
This is an EBOOT version and has the same functionality as the full but without the addition of the Utilities, these will need to be installed separately.

Ultimate Loader:
Added PSP Model detection
Added USB access (ms0, flash0, flash1)
Added Shutdown option
Reorganised a few things
Added a tools menu to access various tools (only 1 option atm)
Added a few colours to brighten it up a little

New User Guides by OverfiendX and Archie120

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible and contributed to UPMS.

Thanks to Cory, Jas0nUk, Hellcat, TheJoker, Dark_Alex, C+D, Minerva for the great tools used in this project.

Thanks to all the beta testers for their time and patients during development.

Be careful if installing MaxSafe, while testing we came across a few issues using it to downgrade a 3.71 psp to 1.50, it will not write the IPL and you will end up with a brick.
You have been warned.