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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Installation for PSP Slim


(If you have a Slim but have access to a Phat with CFW then it is still better
to use the first guide you will have full features when using this tool on a

This will install ULoadduo but edited for the slim w/o Hellcat's or The Joker's
Boot menu. sorry no GUI.

Use your normal battery while installing.

1) Install Pandora v1 with Pandora's GUI v1.5 lite

---1.1) Choose Slim& Lite

---1.2) Very easy just execute under windows XP and follow the onscreen instructions.

---1.3) Remove MS and reboot your PSP

---1.4) Now re-insert your Mem stick

2) Add Files

---2.1) Now copy the M33 3.52 firmware's PSP subfolder to your MS.(this is for
when using on a Phat)

---2.2) Now copy the UPDATE folder from 150kernel_addon2.rar to x:\PSP\GAME (x
being your PSP under windows)(also for using on Phat)

---2.3) Now copy the PSP and seplugins folders from the M33 Update 4 folder
contained in the rar to the root of your MS.

3) Installation of Ultimate Loader pt1

---3.1) Backup your Memory Stick contents.

---3.2) Reboot to recovery by holding the R trigger and change the game folder
kernel to 2.xx or 3.xx

---3.3) Now hook PSP back to USB

---3.3) Copy uloadduo.prx to the kd folder

---3.3) Copy Slim352---pspbtcnf.txt (with out the Slim352---) to the kd folder
overwriting file.

---3.4) Rename the kd folder to hellcat and rename the registry folder to

4) Now install Despertar Cementerio v3

---4.1) Now copy the despertar_cementerio folder from the
despertar_cementerio3.rar to x:\PSP\GAME folder

---4.2) Download 1.50, 3.40 and 3.71 update eboots

---4.3) Copy them to the root of your MS named 150.PBP, 340.PBP and 371.PBP.

---4.4) Diconnect from USB and run Despertar Cementerio

---4.5) When done ( creating DC v3) remove MS then power off. re-insert MS then
reboot to XMB

5) Installation of Ultimate Loader pt2

---5.1) Re-connect PSP to USB

---5.2) Copy uloadduo.prx to the kd folder

---5.3) Copy kd371---pspbtcnf.txt file (without kd371---) to the kd folder
overwriting file.

---5.4) You can delete 340.pbp, (NOT the update.pbp, 150.pbp or the 371.pbp),
the Despertar Cementerio v3 install files, and the extended boot file installer
eboot. That's it everything else is needed unless you don't want to create or
restore a battery eeprom then you could also delete the pandora battery folders

6) Install nandTool

---6.1) Hook PSP to USB

---6.2) Copy BACKUP.ELF to the kd folder overwriting file.

---6.3) OPTIONAL if you wish to run this from XMB then just copy the eboot to
x:\PSP\GAME or GAME150 folder. (x being your PSP under windows)

Now when in DC v3 and choosing [] you will be presented with a new menu. See the
included readme for usage.

Some usage notes:

1) To Boot a Phat to Ultimate Loader

---1.1) Hold L on boot.

2) To boot a Slim

---2.1) Power off and remove your battery.

---2.2) Insert P.U.M.S. and push power switch to HOLD.

---2.3) Now hold L and insert your Pandora Battery.

---2.4) Release L when the MS light or screen flashes.

---2.5) UL will automatically assign the 3.71 folders and launch DCv3.

3) Press R trigger in Ultimate Loader to switch active folders without launching
Pandora or Extended Boot Menu.

4) The rest should explain itself, but as always if you need help don't hesitate
to ask.


Open Source Pandora Battery Tool For 3.xx by: cory149

This will create your Pandora Battery on 3.xx FW.

NOTE: You still need a Phat battery.

Get files here:

1) Boot to XMB and connect to USB.

2) Copy the ospbt folder from the download and place it in your PSP/GAME folder.

3) Run O.S. Pandora battery Tool from XMB.


Well not exactly quick but it's this or start over. Unless you for some
fortunate reason made a copy of the Pandora v1 kd folder then you only need to
rename it to pv1kd and complete steps 12 & 13.

1) You will have to Download the Joker Extra's RAR from above to proceed.

2) Connect PSP to USB and Delete your joker folder.

3) Backup the contents of your P.U.M.S. Mem Stick to your PC.

4) Now remove everything from Your Mem Stick except UPDATE.PBP and your
PSP Folder.


5) If you did delete the Fw Installer Folders then Download them here:

6) Now connect your PSP to USB and copy Pandora Batttery FW Installer folders
into the PSP\GAME folder.

7) Next reboot to recovery and change the Game folder Kernel to 1.50 then exit
to XMB.

8) Now run the Pandora Battery FW Installer.

9) When done connect to USB and rename the kd folder to pv1kd then move it to
your PC. You will use it later.

10) Next delete everything from your Mem Stick except the PSP folder and

11) Next restore your P.U.M.S. Backup to your Mem Stick.

12) Now use the joker part of the guide for the rest. Start on step 4.2 and end
on step 4.15

13) Next goto your hellcat folder on your P.U.M.S. stick and make a copy of the
pspbtcnf.txt and the uloadertrio.prx files and place them in your new joker

That's it you done.

Don't foget to make sure you have an active set of folders. As long as you have
a kd and registry showing on your stick your cool. If not activate a set by
renaming them. Like Cemetery+registryv3, or hellcat+registryv1, or
joker+registryv1 Renamed to kd and registry respectivly.