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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Installation for PSP Phat

Install From A Phat


If you want both, complete the full guide except step 4.1 This Is for ULoader

If you want one but not the other Skip all the appropriate steps for the one you
don't want, This Is for ULoader Duo.

If you don't want any of these then goto "INSTALL FROM A SLIM/P.U.M.S. LITE

NOTE: Can still be used by a Slim owner for full function on a Phat.

This will take at present count a 73.5mb MSPRODUO 10/10/07

1) Install Pandora v1 with Pandora's GUI v1.5 lite

---1.1) Boot to recovery and set game folder to 1.50 kernel

---1.2) Very easy just execute under windows XP and follow the onscreen

---1.3) When done (creating battery) Power down PSP and take out the battery and
mem stick and plug in your AC adapter. This will allow you to boot to XMB.

---1.4) Now re-insert your Mem stick and power on your PSP.

---1.5) Connect PSP to USB.

(Skip steps 1.6 if installing Duo with Hellcat's menu)

---1.6) Move a copy of your kd folder on your MS to your PC and rename it to
pv1kd (you will use it later)

2) Now we'll install MS Multi Loader


---2.1) Place the ipl folder in the root of your mem stick then disconnect your
PSP from USB

---2.2) now double click on install_psp_ms_multi_loader_ipl.cmd in the

---2.3) Reconnect your PSP to USB

---2.4) Press 'Y' for "Are You Sure ?[Y]" message to install the IPL
to MsProDuo.

---2.5) When done press any key to continue then shut off your psp.

---2.6) Replace your battery (you should boot to XMB)

---2.7) Again shut off your PSP and reboot to recovery by holding the R trigger
and change the game folder kernel to 2.xx or 3.xx then exit recovery.

---2.8) Connect PSP to USB

3) Now we'll install Extended Boot Menu

(Skip all of step 3 if installing Duo with Joker's Menu)

---3.1) Copy the installer EBOOT to /PSP/GAME150 on your mem stick then
disconnect from USB.

---3.2) Launch Extended Boot Menu Installer from XMB

---3.3) Press X at the menu.

---3.4) Power off your PSP then reboot to XMB

---3.6) Now hook PSP back to USB

---3.7) Rename your kd folder to hellcat

---3.8) Leave PSP hooked to USB and powered on (doesn't hurt to plug ac adapter in)

4) Now we'll install Pandora's Menu Launcher

(Skip all of step 4 if installing Duo with Hellcat's Menu)

(Skip step 4.1 if installing Trio)

---4.1) Delete the kd folder on you Mem Stick. Leave you PSP connected to USB.

---4.2) Now on your PC Install pbp-unpacker-094 from the Joker Extra's rar. Then
run the program.

---4.3) Now click open and navigate on your PC to your Sony 1.50 update
eboot.pbp and select it.

---4.4) Then single click "data.psar" folder then click extract.

---4.5) Choose to make a new folder some where on your PC named datapsar then
click OK.

---4.6) From that datapsar folder on your PC copy the data.psar file to the root
of your memory stick.

---4.7) Now copy the PSP folder from psardumper330.rar the root of your Mem

---4.8) Then run psardumper from XMB.

---4.9) Press X which is "decrypt with sigcheck".

--4.10) Then you will have an "F0" folder on the root of your memory

--4.11) Copy or move the kd folder from within the f0 folder to the root of your
Mem Stick.

--4.12) you can delete the "F0" folder from your Mem Stick and the
psardumper folder from the GAME150 folder.

--4.13) Now rename the pv1kd folder that you saved on your pc in step 1.6 to kd
and copy it to the root of your Mem Stick. Overwriting files.

--4.14) Now rename the kd folder on your Mem Stick to joker.

--4.15) Take the joker folder contained in the Pandora's Menu Launcher zip and
copy it to the root of your memory stick. Once again overwriting files.

--4.16) Without disconnecting from USB continue to step 5

5) Rename folder

---5.1)Rename your registry folder to registryv1

---5.2) Leave PSP connected to USB and continue to step 6

6) Now install Despertar Cementerio v3

---6.1) Now copy the despertar_cementerio folder from the
despertar_cementerio3.rar to x:\PSP\GAME folder

---6.2) Download 1.50, 3.40 and 3.71 update eboots

---6.3) Copy them to the root of your MS named 150.PBP, 340.PBP and 371.PBP.

---6.4) Diconnect from USB and run Despertar Cementerio from XMB.

---6.5) When done ( creating DC v3) remove MS then power off. Re-insert MS then
reboot to XMB

---6.6) Without disconnecting from USB continue to step 7

7) Ultimate Loader 2.0.5 Installer by: Bronz3gh0st

---7.1) Double click the "ULoader Installer.exe" file from the ULoader
Installer (WinXP).rar

---7.2) Select Trio or Duo depending on the choice you made earlier.(remember
the kd folder is the cemetery one.)

---7.3) Use GUI to select file location then click install.

---7.4) Without disconnecting from USB continue to step 8.

8) Add Files

---8.1) Now make a copy of the eboot from the M33 3.52 firmware installer's
subfolder M33UPDATE_352 and place it in x:\PSP\GAME\cfwupdate (you will need to
create the subfolder cfwupdate)(x being your PSP under windows)

Now also from the M33 3.52 FW installer rar copy the kxploitpatcher and
kxploitpatcher% folders to the x:\PSP\GAME folder.

---8.2) Now copy the UPDATE folder from 150kernel_addon2.rar to x:\PSP\GAME (x
being your PSP under windows)

---8.3) Now copy the maint folder from PSPfiler For EBM.rar to x:\PSP\GAME (x
being your PSP under windows)

---8.4) Now copy the PSP and seplugins folders from the M33 Update 4 folder
contained in the rar to the root of your MS.

---7.5) You can delete msipl.bin, 340.pbp, (NOT the update.pbp, 150.pbp or the
371.pbp), the Despertar Cementerio v3 install files, and the extended boot file
installer eboot. That's it everything else is needed unless you don't want to
create or restore a battery eeprom then you could also delete the pandora
battery folders from PSP/GAME

That's it you are done except additions.


1) Optional step: Additinal Mem Sticks:
(Phat Only)
This allows a regular mem stick to boot to XMB with a
Pandora's Battery.


---1.1 Double click "install.cmd" in Windows XP/2K(Administrator).

---1.2 Connect PSP to PC via USB.

---1.3 press 'Y' key to "Are You Sure ?[Y]" message.

---1.4 Disconnect PSP after few seconds

Some usage notes:

1) To boot (Phat Only) to XMB turn on PSP

2) To boot a Slim

---2.1) Power off and remove your battery.

---2.2) Insert P.U.M.S. and push power switch to HOLD.

---2.3) Now hold L and insert your Pandora Battery.

---2.4) Release L when the MS light or screen flashes.

---2.5) UL will automatically assign the 3.71 folders and launch DCv3.

3) To Boot a Phat to Ultimate Loader

---3.1) hold L on boot.

4) Press R trigger in Ultimate Loader to switch active folders without launching
Pandora v3, Pandora's Menu Launcher, or Extended Boot Menu.

5) The rest should explain itself, but as always if you need help don't hesitate
to ask.

6) When waking PSP (Install form Phat Only) from sleep mode you MUST hold
L trigger, or the PSP will reset back to XMB.

7) To change custom apps in Extended Menu

---7.1) Boot to Extended Menu

---7.2) Goto launch custom app w/ flash0:/access and press O

---7.3) Choose (your apps name here) by pressing X

---7.4) Now choose Launch custom app again but this time with X


Maxsafe by: TEAM x4658 Suggested by: jd368

This will allow you to bachup/restore the nand and idstorage keys to/from mem
stick on a Phat from Pandora v1. WOW people use this before patching key 5 with
kxploitpatcher (xploit is used during Pandora v1 downgrade) for an umodified key

1) Install Maxsafe

1) Set folders to hellcat menu in Ultimate loader.

---1.1) Turn off PSP and then turn back on. (not sleep/wake but hard reset)

---1.2) Connect PSP to USB and copy maxsafe folder to game150.

---1.3) Now exit USB mode and Run the Maxsafe Installer.

2) Reboot PSP to Ultimate loader and set folders to joker menu.

---2.1) Turn off PSP and then turn back on. (not sleep/wake but hard reset)

---2.2) Again run the Maxsafe Installer.

3) Connect PSP to USB

---3.1) Delete the Maxsafe folder from the GAME150 folder.

Done. Enjoy folks and don't forget to thank jd368 for his suggestion.

NOTE: ONLY use a nand dump from the PSP it came

Now when you load pandora v1 (have to hit brightness button to make menu
You are presented with a new menu.

NOTE: Straight from the mouth of THE MAN jd368:

As usual, set the folders to 3.52 version using the Ultimate loader, at the EPBM
menu choose the pandora menu, click on the brightness button, this will show up
the maxsafe menu instead of the normal pandora menu. In this menu:

1) X - downgrade using update.pbp (ie 1.50, V1 pandora)

2) 0 - backup nand to nand-dump.bin(the usual)

3) [] - restore nand from nandimage.flash (requires the bin file to be renamed
to nandimage.flash)

4) /\ - rename the nand-dumpbin to nandimage.flash (these
guys thought of everything)

Just got word from jd368 that Team x4658 has said there is
a bug causing this function to delete the dump. Just copy your dump to the PC
and rename it there to nandimage.flash then move it back to your MS.

5) R - to backup IDStorage to the MS. This will store the keys in ms0:\kd\idstorage_backup\backup.back

6) Start + Select to restore the IDS from MS

7) Home to shutdown the PSP

Hope it helps.


KeyCleaner by: Chilly Willy Suggested by: rik31

1) Hook PSP to USB

2) Place the keycleaner folder in the x:\psp\game folder (x is your psp under

3) Disconnect PSP from USB

4) Boot to Extended Menu

5) Goto launch custom app w/ flash0:/access and press O

6) Choose keycleaner by pressing X

7) Now choose Launch custom app again but this time with X

Keycleaner should load.

Quote from Chilly Willy himself:

"The keys are various settings stored in the flash. They are mostly
low-level stuff that concerns the operation of things like the USB and WLAN.
Screwing up the keys can result in the USB not working quite right, the WLAN
hanging, brightness issues, or low battery issues.

Generally, you don't want to mess with the keys. TA-082/86 PSPs need one key to
be modified in order to run the 1.5 kernel.

Old downgraders messed with more than that one key, so KeyCleaner was made to
help clean things up if you ran one of the old downgraders on a TA-082/86.

The new corruption-free downgraders alter the one key, leaving the others alone.
You don't need to worry about KeyCleaner if you don't have a TA-082/86, or if
you used one of the corruption-free downgraders on a TA-082/86.

The one case we KNOW WILL BRICK the PSP is if you have a TA-082/86 running 1.5
(or one of the custom firmwares) and you put an original copy of key 5 back in
key 5. The PSP will then hang when the 1.5 fw IPL runs. KeyCleaner will never
write a plain key 5 to key 5... it ALWAYS modifies key 5 so that it is patched
so that 1.5 will work.

However, there may be other things no one knows about that could cause a brick
if you wrote garbage to another key (say you wrote random garbage to key 4 or
6). Hence the warning."


nandTool 0.1 by: cory1492 Suggested by: richluk

1) Hook PSP to USB

2) If you have a cemetery folder then copy BACKUP.ELF there overwriting file. If
not goto next step.

3) (If you copied the file in step 2 then skip this step) If you have a
hellcat/joker folder then copy BACKUP.ELF to the kd folder overwriting file.

4) OPTIONAL if you wish to run this from XMB then just copy the eboot to x:\PSP\GAME
or GAME150 folder. (x being your PSP under windows)

Now when in DC v3 and choosing [] you will be presented with a new menu. See the
included readme for usage.


New Multi-IPL Compatible with SLEEP MODE by: z3ros0ul Suggested by: xdlee

Just run the Install MULTI file for your P.U.M.S. Stick. Also run Install NORMAL
for your additional Mem Sticks.

If you are installing new just use this in place of the MULTI-IPL from step 2

If you already created your P.U.M.S. then just run the new command to re-write
the new IPL to Mem Stick.

Now sleep mode works again.

--------------------------------------End Phat Install--------------------------------