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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pandora Ultimate Magic Stick V5

Pandora's Ultimate Magic Stick v5


OK He has done it again BRONZ3gh0st has finished development on yet another major contribution to this project.

He is simply AMAZING. Everyone show this man respect.

For the first time publicly released we give you:

U.P.M.S. Pandora Installer GUI:

Direct Download:

Alternative Download:

For Our Brothers In The UK:

Usage Guide:

Direct Download:

Alternative Download:

Do not think this is the end we will always look to improve upon this and
continue to make this The Ultimate Pandora Magic Stick.


From this point on the guide is only for those who wish to try a manual install.

10/25/07 10:09PM

Added new IPL loader that fixes sleep mode. SEE ADDITION 4 for PHAT.

10/25/07 10:09PM

Added the first addition for the Slim users O.S. Pandora Battery Tool.

This will allow battery creation under 3.xx firmware. Remember you must still use a Phat battery.

This can also be added to the Phat Install for when it may be needed.

10/25/07 sometime in the AM

Guide has been fixed for the Joker Menu add on so no worries for full install from this date.

The Not So Quick Joker's Menu Fix Is Posted at the bottom after Slim Install.



Ultimate loader 2.0.5 by: Bronz3gh0st

Well folks as you know Bronz3gh0st has been absent for a little bit well, there was good reason. He has recoded Ultimate loader with a great new feature and even packed it down to one prx file and a GUI for Phat. And to think he has just started coding for the PSP, Amazing.

Normally when you are using this on a Slim you have to make sure your 3.71 kd and registry folders are active or you can not boot the Slim.

Well Bronz Has solved this: Now when booting a slim:

1) Power off and remove your battery.

2) Insert P.U.M.S. and push power switch to HOLD.

3) Now hold L and insert your Pandora Battery.

4) Release L when the MS light or screen flashes.

5) UL will automatically assign the 3.71 folders and launch DCv3.

Not only that but now we can use both Hellcat's-Extended Boot menu and The
Joker's-Pandora's Menu Launcher from the same stick.

Unfortunately this does require a new install and new files. I know trust me, pain in the arse. Hey at least I've steamlined the guide so it should only take about 10-15 minutes. Without going into a lot of detail there was a few steps in the old guide (all my fault, sorry guys) that made this required. I was trying to avoid any serious problems and it worked but caused us to have
to re-install to enjoy this new function of UL. Safety cost me in the end. Again sorry. Now if any future updates to Ultimate Loader come out it will be a simple update.

10/18/07 There are now 2 installs: One for full install from a Phat and one for install from a Slim/Lite version for Phat users. This will cut down on the confusion. Look for NEW:INSTALL
section at bottom.

(If you have a Slim but have access to a Phat with CFW then it is still better to use the first guide you will have full features when using this tool on a Phat.) Get new Install from Slim Download in download section.

KLUTSH has made a GUI for the old version all worked great but contained this same flaw. So I have contacted him and sent the new guide and files and I'm hoping for an update from him. I will post when he revises the GUI and gives the OK. So for now the manual install is all we have, but with any luck this will be a thing of the past very soon.

10/18/07I have found yet another great feature in Extended Boot Menu. The option to format flash1 after an up/downgrade. This will solve the random bsod you may experience from an up/downgrade by deleting amongst others the file and and flashes a clean set of files. You must reset your CFW recovery settings after this action.

Thought this needed quoted from: Mycah

"Thanks for your help. I'm good as golden now! 5 for 5 psp's done tonight, and even after a buttload of rum. Because of this thread! Its easy enough for a drunk guy to follow."

Man I love this guy. Now that's what it's all about.

Just remember people:

When your stick is big, Life is good.

If you wish to have any unbricking/up/downgrading or Pandora creation done
for you, Contact me by PM here. I only ask for shipping both ways. If your
local to me it is free.

Welcome to Pandora's Ultimate Magic Stick


Founder/Assembler: OverfiendX

Tester/Tech support: lawthugg, BaNDiTo_RoX, MrMuzz, leiko

Slim Fix/Coder: BRONZ3gh0st

Additions: jd368, rik31, and richluk

Special Thanks and Respect for making these great apps to:

Dax, Team C & D, Booster, Hellcat, Klutsh, BRONZ3gh0st, Chilly Willy, The Joker, and TEAM x4658

Want to learn how, need help, or want to help?

Please come in we welcome you.

Bad attitude, negative comments, arrogantly ignorant?

We didn't need you at the beginning, we don't need you now. Enough said on that subject.

NOTE: From Lawthugg

Be advised a 1.5 kernel add-on is in the works. Not sure how long it will take until its release. Maybe weeks it maybe months. I believe once this kernel add-on is implemented into the SLIM xmb booting will be available.

Always check back here at the main post. When revisions or addtions are made this is where they will be posted. Additional functions to come as time and testing permits.

We have figured out the ultimate (in my opinion) Magic Memory Stick Install. With this install we can use 1 mem stick and 1 battery (Phat Only) to have the ultimate downgrader/upgrader/unbricker.

We can:

1. upgrade slims to 3.71-2 M33

2. upgrade phat to 3.71-2 M33 w/ 1.50-2 kernel patch

3. downgrade phat to 1.50

4. upgrade phat straight to 3.52 M33 from Extended Boot Menu then install update 4 no need to downgrade to 1.50

5. start up PSP with Ultimate Loader with support For choosing which Pandora's you reach V1 or V3(by hold L trigger)

6. Boot to XMB (Phat Only)

6. Boot to a full 1.50 from Mem Stick (Phat Only)

7. use PSPFiler and other tools (If it requires 1.50 slims can't)


Thanks to .D3 for providing older links and my new upload site.

P.U.M.S. For Phat Install v5

Direct Download: Except of course the Sony Update files.

NOTE: Extra files for v5 Joker Fix: This Is also needed For the Phat Install.

Direct Download:

P.U.M.S. For Slim Install v2

Direct Download: All files included to date 10/23/07. Except of course the Sony Update files.

----------------------Sony Eboots---------------------

SONY Update eboots:

The only thing else you will need is the official update eboot.pbp's for 1.50, 3.40, and 3.71.

Get these here:

------For those of you that only need the added files------

New IPL installer that fixessleep mode

Direct Download:

P.U.M.S. Ultimate Loader v2.0.5 GUI for Phat Install.

Direct Download:

P.U.M.S. Ultimate Loader v2.0.5 and New pspbtcnf.txt Files For Slim Install.

Direct Download:

P.U.M.S. Pandora's Menu Launcher 0.6.1 lite

Direct Download:

O.S. Pandora Battery Tool

Direct Download:

The Joker's Pandora Menu Launcher 0.6.6

Direct Download:

---------------Other Downloads---------------

Clean nand images for Phat and Slim contributed by: hackmimic

Remember never restore a dump with idstorage.

These are confirmed to work by hackmimic, but use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage they may cause.

VIDEO:Slim Usage: by: BaNDiTo_RoX

This is before Ultimate Loader so that menu is not shown.

Any Phat usage Vids? Be first and get posted.

Would like it to show most functions. Separate vids are excepted.(for each function)

Would also like an up to date Slim video.

Words Of Advice: by:Squirrel61


This is a good read people thought I would add it.